Door repair

Door repair

Doors are very important for every house, apartment and garage. They protect us and our homes. They also make the first impression of your home and should be beautiful and durable.

If the door no longer looks as good or is damaged, it must be replaced or repaired immediately. Doors sometimes looks so well maintained and belong to the home that we can’t even imagine others in their place. In such situations, preference is given to the repair of old doors. Repairing doors allows you to give her a second chance, making old look like a new one!

If you are looking to refurbish existing doors and have them refurbished, door renovation is a great solution! Specialists of the restoration of doors will take care of the external and internal filling of the door, as well as help to arrange doorways, hinges and locks, as well as carry out all the improvement work in a short time.

Realizing that a house without a door cannot be left for a long time, we do our best to restore the door within 24 hours.
To do this, we will come to you early in the morning, dismantle the door and take you to our workshop. In rare cases, a door can be repaired in your home, but more often than not, finishing requires tools that we cannot transport, so we carry out repairs on our premises.

We will take care of the door delivery to the workshop and the return. We expect only details from you about what updates you want, as well as indicate the necessary improvements, such as changing locks, changing colors and other nuances. The most important issues we recommend to discuss are safety – the condition and strength of the locks. Various solutions are available these days to supplement conventional locks with protective layers, switches, which help to increase the level of security. Safety should also be considered when planning garage door repairs, as this is where we store our valuable machines, mechanisms and tools. Many people care about the security of the house, but forget about other buildings, as a result of which burglaries are often found in other household houses or barns.

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