Door locksmith

Door locksmith

Do you find yourself in the middle of the night when the door is closed and you can no longer open it?

Call us! We provide door locksmith at any time of the day, even on Sundays! If you are in Riga and district, we can come to you immediately after the call.

30 years of experience. Even if your home is protected by a strong shield with a metal door, we can open it neatly and safely. Opening requires patience and accuracy, because only careful and professional methods can be used to open them without damaging the door frame.

Scrap will definitely not be the first tool we can use! To open the door, much more sophisticated and professional devices are used, studying the construction of the lock and carefully understanding what methods to use to open it as quickly and successfully as possible. Sometimes the door opens quickly and easily, but sometimes it takes patience and a few hours. Each lock has its own “nickname”, so we treat each door with an individual approach and enthusiastically cling to unfamiliar situations, because we base our decisions on experience and knowledge.
Doors close frequently. Sometimes the key is lost by mistake, sometimes the tongue of the lock is worn out or stuck, but if this happens, you can be sure that you are not the first or only victim of such a situation. Sometimes, if the door mechanism is very complicated, the work takes a lot of time, but until now there was no lock that we could not open.

If you are left outside the door or have failed in the house, write or call our masters, and we will come to help as soon as possible.

Be patient and calm in these situations! Our specialists will take care of everything!